Brand-New Crisis Leadership Course Blends Skills and Expertise of Both Military and Corporate Risk and Crisis Management

LONDON:  Today (November 2021), Sheena Thomson Consulting launches CrisisFit®, a brand-new risk, crisis leadership, and personal development programme that coaches corporate leaders in military-inspired crisis response approaches.  Led by former frontline military communications leader and established crisis communications practitioner Sheena Thomson, CrisisFit® helps develop the enduring skill and confidence required within those who lead the response to issues and crisis situations.

The CrisisFit® programme includes the flagship CrisisFit® course, which comprises a mix of three phased face-to-face masterclasses, one-to-one coaching sessions and practical exercises spread over a 12-week period.  In addition, there are several other courses that are pertinent to and support CrisisFit®.  Every aspect of CrisisFit® is designed and delivered by crisis experts who understand risk and how to effectively manage and respond to situations when under intense pressure.

Recognising that overall emotions, behaviour and relationships drive critical decision making and outcomes, CrisisFit® is based on the cornerstones of successful military operations: the three pillars of strategy, operations, and influence. To this end, the programme focuses on developing effective, cross-functional teamwork, building organisational resilience through integrating risk management, crisis management and communications. The outcome is that leaders can confidently lead each  function to work seamlessly together in delivering risk escalation and effective crisis response.

Programme Director Sheena Thomson explains:

“As we continue to navigate our way through the pandemic, organisations are facing several dynamic, ongoing challenges and risks: Brexit fall-out, geo-political uncertainty, climate change, supply chain issues, and cyber security, among others.

“CrisisFit® provides those leading and supporting their organisations through these challenges with the skill set and confidence they need to prepare for and manage their organisation’s operational and communications response.  We achieve this via a blended learning approach, delivered by a team of former military personnel, experienced in challenging operations and crisis response, psychology and risk professionals, all of whom are currently practicing in the corporate world.

“It’s currently a very tough corporate environment, but CrisisFit® helps participants build their crisis fitness, arming them with the skill set to face the future with confidence.”

The first CrisisFit® course will run in central London, commencing Thursday, 3 March 2022.  Customised in-house programmes, which can be specially designed to support all members of a team or function, are also available, as well as several other courses aimed at further developing crisis leadership capability and understanding.


 For further information, images and logos, please contact:

Programme Director:  Sheena Thomson 07941 415 524 sheena@sheenathomson.com

Please also visit sheenathomson.com


Meet the Team

Sheena Thomson, CrisisFit ® Founder and Programme Director:  Sheena is a former Royal Navy Officer and established strategic, risk and crisis communications consultant with 28 years’ international experience in military, government and corporate communications.  Past appointments include roles as spokesperson for the Royal Navy, NATO, and the European Union.

Mark Harris,  CrisisFit ® Crisis Management Lead:  Mark is a former British Army Officer and leading crisis management consultant with international experience of over 30 years. He is also a regular media commentator on incidents and crisis situations.

Steve Fowler, CrisisFit ® Risk Management Lead.  Steve is a former CEO of the Institute of Risk Management and has a trademark, highly practical approach to governance, risk management and strategy. He has also held several senior corporate positions over 30 years in the financial service sector.

Adrian Britten, CrisisFit ® Behaviour and Emotional Intelligence Lead:  Adrian is a Chartered Psychologist and experienced crisis communications leader, and has delivered behaviour training and transition change in organisations across multiple sectors and geographies during a 30-year career. Adrian has a special interest in crisis behaviour.

David Mugridge, CrisisFit ® Leadership and VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) Lead:  David is a former Royal Navy Officer who, over the course of his 30-year career, has held two CEO equivalent positions.  He now works in business resilience and reliability within the offshore oil and gas industry.

Courses and Leaders

Risk Management for Today’s World with Steve Fowler

Risk Management

CrisisFit® with Sheena Thomson and Mark Harris

Flagship course spread over 12-weeks covering:

  • Risk Management in the Moment
  • Core Issue and Crisis Management Principles and Practice
  • Core Crisis Communications

Media Handling and Hostility with Sheena Thomson

Crisis Communications and Media Handling Techniques

Emotional Intelligence for Crisis and Issues Management with Dr Adrian Britten

Behavioural Psychology and Human Responses during a Crisis

Operational Leadership and Volatility, Uncertainty, Conflict & Ambiguity with David Mugridge

Crisis Leadership and Volatility, Uncertainty, Conflict, Ambiguity - VUCA

Practical Leadership in a Crisis with David Mugridge

Crisis Leadership


How many are on each CrisisFit® course?

The CrisisFit® programme will have a minimum of eight and a maximum of 12 participants, facilitating a highly interactive and engaging learning experience. The programme blends classroom learning and discussion exercises, including an immersive simulation in the final session, combined with one-to-one coaching between masterclass sessions.

Are the CrisisFit® courses face to face or online?

The CrisisFit® courses are held at our central London training location or onsite with a client requesting customised courses.  The only exception is the experiential ‘Practical Leadership in a Crisis’ - the location will be advised on enquiry. In all cases, our Get CrisisFit® course one-to-one coaching sessions will be conducted via Zoom between masterclasses.

Is CrisisFit® a military-endorsed programme?

 No. The CrisisFit® programme and the Get CrisisFit® are designed around the lived military and civilian experience of those delivering the programme and three of the four post-programme courses. This includes a significant number of years of both military and civilian experience.  Military endorsement is validated through the respective success of those delivering it. 


Founded in 2018, Sheena Thomson Consulting is a boutique, global, crisis and issues management consultancy.  We provide clients with the expert guidance and operational support they need in order to plan for the best outcomes when faced with risk, challenges, opportunities, and unexpected or complex events.

CrisisFit® is the registered trademark for the CrisisFit® programme and crisis preparedness courses and masterclasses for Sheena Thomson Consulting.  Sheena Thomson Consulting is the trading name for Conduit Associates Ltd, 70 Gracechurch Street, London, EC3V 0HR: registered in England and Wales (Company Number 11613677).

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